logo-klein organizes and takes care of photo productions from the first phone call to the completion of the project. We take over the planning of the whole production or just parts of it. Casting, locations, art buying ...  whatever is needed to facilitate a great photoshoot, logo-klein can provide an approved network of creatives and logistic companies. We work out concepts and take charge of the creative realisation of the shoot as required. With more than fifteen years of experience, we can guarantee to make sure things run smoothly within the amount provided by the budget and transparent cost structures. Consulting and service can be geared to the needs of the production. Have a look!

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photo production


Planning and Realisation

Many years of experience and the highest planning standards allow us to offer peace of mind at every turn. After extensive research, all relevant information is incorporated into a project and reliably implemented.
We offer trustworthy and professional collaborations, with photo productions based upon our many years of experience producing photo shoots. Reliability, flexibility, experience, competence and discretion are our most important guiding principles.

Organisation & Coordination

We organise and coordinate the entire shoot to guarantee a smooth, on-schedule process throughout the entire production. Our full range of services are also available for productions abroad. Bees´n´trees offers full, independent production services throughout Germany and around the world.

Casting, Location, Art Buying

We look forward to special challenges and excel at realising individual requests that regard everything from the production process right through to final print approval.
Best connections to international agencies allow us to find the perfect models, photographers, hair/make-up artist and stylists.

Budget planning and Cost management

After receiving estimates and a budget release, we control and administer the entire financial process and settle accounts directly with respective partners. Cost-conscious budgeting is a given. Transparent cost structures enable us to present a precise calculation. On request, final invoices can be made out according to individual receipts, or alternately we can bill you for the entire budget. Package prices available on request. We handle all logistics, whether that’s the transportation of goods to a location, customs clearing, carnets or digital data handling.

Work includes






Video-, Digital-, Livecastings

Thanks to numerous contacts with both national and international model and casting agencies, we can present a select range of models that accurately match your budget and target group. 




Thanks to numerous contacts with both national and international location agencies, we can present a select range of locations that accurately match your brief. 



Art Buying



The very best connections to leading photographers, stylists, make-up artists, partnerships with production and location companies enable us to offer a truly international selection of top professionals. 


About us
Support is everything … with over 14 years’ experience organizing photoshoots, we know all about the aspects of production that matter to you. We can provide everything from the first idea to the high-end product. 

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Clients include
K&L Ruppert | Codello | Basler | Waschbär / Legoland | Lana Grossa | Schustermann & Borenstein | Lecomte | Lucia